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Are you ready?

The Big Switch Off - are you ready?

BT is the largest telecommunication company in the UK and had been a backbone in the infrastructure of many sectors, including travel and tourism. Now, BT has begun ‘The Big Switch Off’ which sees the phasing out of its telephone lines with a complete closure planned for 2025.

How does the Big Switch Off affect holiday parks?

Many holiday parks throughout the UK rely on lines, and with over 40 million of them in use nationally, The Big Switch off is no simple task. As lines are phased out, many holiday parks move to hosted telephony instead. Or, if your telephone system is compatible, SIP telephone lines may be another option. Now is the time to plan ahead to avoid disruption to your telephone services in the future.

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Hosted telephony is:

  • fast, secure and reliable
  • no maintenance or support costs
  • flexible and scalable
  • easy to use
  • rich in features
  • UK landline and mobile calls included
  • fixed cost per month

What is Hosted Telephony & SIP?

Hosted Telephony – a cloud-based technology that is ideal for both large and small businesses. It is hosted remotely and connects to the internet.

SIP Telephony – SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It uses special types of phones, also known as VoIP phones, that establish communication over the internet.

The benefits of hosted telephony over traditional lines include not needing to have physical hardware onsite, which can be expensive, as well as the removal of lines that can be unsightly.

Our Services

Broadband & WiFi

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Complete Holiday Solutions partner with one of the UKs leading connectivity specialists to help Caravan and Holiday Parks of all sizes, achieve fast, reliable and secure WiFi for guests and visitors.  With solutions for all types of Holiday Park including Static Caravan Parks, Touring Parks and Campervan sites, we deliver Caravan WiFi networking equipment, designed to help you make the most of your current broadband infrastructure.

Hosted Telephone Systems

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Complete Holiday Park Solutions offers a range of cost-effective and reliable telecom solutions designed for Holiday Parks to ensure your park is ready for the ISDN switch off. We offer bespoke plans including everything from local to International Calls and non–geographical numbers.

Two-way Radios

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Complete Holiday Park Solutions supplies two-way radios on both a hire and purchase basis. Providing reliable and instant communication, two-way radios are a great solution to support the operational side of Holiday Parks. We can provide a free no obligation site survey to test coverage and suggest upgrades such as repeater system upgrades.

Complete Holiday Park Solutions is here to help you get ready for the BT Big Switch Off!

With over 25 years of experience in the holiday park industry, we understand the unique challenges that come with running and maintaining parks, as well as providing guests with all the facilities and amenities for an enjoyable holiday.

Connectivity is key to running a successful business, and we can support you in all areas. With our hosted telephone service, we can create a bespoke plan that works for your holiday park. This includes local, international and non-geographical numbers. When choosing us as your provider, you can enjoy all the benefits of cost-effective and reliable hosted telecoms solutions.

So, are you ready for the BT Big Switch Off? You bet! We will help you move seamlessly into the new way of cloud-based telephony and benefit from the new features it brings. It’s time to get ahead and take your holiday park into the future. 

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